08 November 2019

Who'd have thought ?!

It's a small world......

When we were contacted by potential clients who were hoping to find the right architects for their project we were of course delighted to meet at the property they had just purchased. RPA Architects had been recommended to them by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) - we had also been suggested by estate agents the couple knew well and trusted for advice.....more surprisingly it turned out that the rented property they were living in was a recently completed new-build project of ours!

Naturally there was competition - in fact we always recommend that people should meet other architects....it is so important to be sure that you are engaging a practice who give you confidence and have the right kind of expertise as well as enthusiasm and talent. After all this is not something you will undertake very often and you need to be sure that the relationship which will develop is one you can look forward to!

At RPA Architects we like to take time to get to know our clients, discover what it is they hope to achieve and learn as much as we can about their likes, dislikes and aspirations. Naturally our initial meeting is without obligation and in this instance we were chosen as architects for the project which our clients wanted to undertake.

Work is now in hand and we will update this blog soon to show you what that scheme involves. In the meantime a number of meetings have taken place on site and at The Spinney, the replacement dwelling we completed for others and our clients' temporary home, enabling us to take some more photographs of the property now that it is occupied and furnished!