19 March 2018

RIBA Henley Design Day

The value of good design in your home

Last year saw our first attendance at the annual RIBA-sponsored Henley Design Day, an event promoting local architects and other design professionals. The response we received was so great that we were there again on Saturday 17 March 2018 welcoming questions and enquiries from visitors keen to extend, remodel or build a new home.

We were able to listen to potential clients’ aims and answer their questions, explaining how we might help. As before a brief introduction to our team led to a number of requests to follow things up with a visit and we will now be making arrangements to meet once more at potential clients’ homes.

We are always happy to meet potential clients in this way without obligation and we find that more often than not our approach leads to our appointment. Interestingly this year’s Henley Design Day brought not only residential enquiries but also requests to visit commercial properties. The coming days and weeks are going to be busy!