17 July 2019

Listed Building works

A beautiful Hampshire home

We are delighted to have been appointed in connection with this unique period property which is situated in an idyliic Hampshire village. In many respects time has stood still, but owning a listed building need not mean that change is impossible.  Our clients understand that there are constraints, but it is possible to carry out sensitive alterations and extensions to even the most significant of historic buildings, and we are experienced in achieving the necessary consents to do just that.

It is common with rural properties of this kind to find that bats have taken up residence! As bats are a protected species, it is important to establish whether or not this is the case early on in the design process. We work with ecologists able to provide a scoping survey and if necessary, carry out further work in order to prepare proposals for mitigation so that approved building work can go ahead.

It is also important to understand how a building has evolved over time as it is sometimes possible to demonstrate, for example, that proposed alterations will not affect the most significant or sensitive elements of a building. We sometimes work with specialists in this field who are able to analyse the fabric of a building and deduce how it has been altered through the ages,. Dating the phased alterations which have taken place frequently enables us to show that the impact of our proposals are well thought through and without harm.