18 December 2019

Conservation Area success!

A sensitive site, surrounded by listed buildings.....

Located in the heart of Aston Tirrold, a picturesque  and historic village in South Oxfordshire, our clients were keen not only to enhance their new property, but also its contribution to the wider setting. Its sensitive conservation area setting meant that exceptional care had to be taken in proposing extensions and remodelling. The local planning authority had also to be reassured regarding any perceived impact on nearby listed buldings and other historic 'buildings of note'.

At present the house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms at first floor, with three reception rooms, a kitchen, utility room and double garage at ground floor. The front door to the property will be relocated, the internal layout will be reconfigured at both ground and first floors and a number of extensions will be added.

To the east, half of the existing double garage will be converted to provide a boot room and relocated utility room. A covered porch will be provided here outside the everyday family entrance, and a new garage bay will be added to the east. The ridge of the roof in this location will be as exists, and the resulting roof space will be converted to provide a guest bedroom and shower room.


To the south, the kitchen will be extended and a single storey family room will be added. Over the kitchen extension a small gabled extension will facilitate the provision of a fifth bedroom at first floor.

To the west a two storey extension is proposed, providing a new living room at ground floor with a master bedroom and dressing room above. Ground floor level here will be some 500mm below adjacent ground levels and a low retaining wall will allow the provision of a terrace to the south and a pathway to the west.  

The selection of appropriate materials is key - poor choices can have a significant adverse impact. We like to spend time helping our clients consider options, obatining samples and presenting material pallettes for their consideration, an approach which has helped to secure numerous consents in sensitive locations.