alterations and extensions

Many people love where they live but just need that extra bit of space or some reconfiguration to improve the way their home functions for them.  We work regularly with clients to help them alter and extend their homes for a  growing family, to create a multi-generational space, or simply to up date their home for modern day living.

We enjoy the challenge of working with a client's brief to create spaces that work hard for them, while providing innovative and exciting solutions to everyday issues.  Whether that be through maximising daylight, improving a home's energy efficiency or a major reorganisation of spaces to improve livability, we explore options with our clients before deciding on the best way forwards.

We always have an eye on budget and work hard to maximise the potential of a project within the realities of economic constraints.  We have thorough knowledge of national and local planning and building policies and guide our clients through the construction process from start to finish.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a potential project and arrange a no obligation visit to the property where we will outline our architectural services in more detail.

Examples: lees farmhousethe elmslake house, upperton, wansdyke

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alteration and conservation sketches